Sif Jakobs Jewellery has looked to its founders Icelandic roots for inspiration in the rugged new collection for autumn and winter 2020.

The founder of the Danish brand said: “The AW20 collection reflects the memories of my childhood in Icelandic nature where I was surrounded by magnificent rocks, mysterious geysers and unpredictable formations.”

The company described the Sif Jakobs AW20 collection, known as ‘Vulcanello’, as “unexpected, rustic and elegant”, saying it is perfect for day-to-day wearing.


Of the significant change to the brand’s style, founder Jakobs said: “The world has gone through a major change and will probably never be the same. For me, this was the obvious time to bring newness into my jewellery brand, yet something classic that you can wear every day. I felt like bringing something unexpected into the collection, and this is exactly what Vulcanello all about.”

The Sif Jakobs AW20 collection will also include ‘black edition’ pieces, which make use of black zirconia stones in gold-plated jewellery.

Danish brand Sif Jakobs was founded in 2009 and offers an upscale look while offering “affordable luxury”.