Sif Jakobs launched her own-name jewellery brand in the UK in 2013.

Danish jewellery brand Sif Jakobs has won a place as the leading jewellery business in the Børsen Gazelle 2015 – a list of Denmark’s fastest growing new and established businesses.

Compiled by Denmark’s financial magazine Børsen, the list has this year placed Sif Jakobs at number 111 out of 1,449 Danish businesses, making it the leading Danish jewellery company in the list.

The Børsen Gazelle is awarded to the fastest growing businesses in Denmark that have at least doubled their revenue over a four-year period.


Sif Jakob’s appearance in the Børsen Gazelle 2015 marks the second consecutive year that the business has appeared in the list, after debuting in 2014.

The business is described as ‘the most progressive and fastest growing Danish jewellery brand’ in its listing.

Sif Jakob’s CEO Søren Dahl says: “We’re very proud that Sif Jakobs Jewellery has been awarded the Børsen Gazelle for the second year in a row and we’re even more proud that we are also, for the second year in a row, the most progressive and fastest growing Danish jewellery brand, as no other Danish jewellery labels are ahead of Sif Jakobs Jewellery in the Børsen Gazelle ranking list.

“2015 has been a fantastic year for Sif Jakobs Jewellery all over Europe where all targets in all of our market so far have been achieved. We believe that Sif Jakobs Jewellery has found the recipe for being successful in many of our markets in Europe, including the two biggest and most important markets in Europe – the UK & Ireland and Germany.”

Being particularly target driven, Sif Jakobs has set up some ambitious targets for UK & Ireland and Germany in 2016. The business expects to double its stockists in UK & Ireland up to 240 point of sale, and is aiming for 300 point of sale in Germany.

Dahl adds: “So it goes without saying that Sif Jakobs Jewellery will again aim for the Børsen Gazelle prize in 2016 – and more than 1,000 point of sale in Europe.”