Jewellery brand Sif Jakobs has unveiled a trio of online promotions designed to offer support to its stockists through this third lockdown.

The Copenhagen brand offer retailers discounted packages for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, along with an NHS-themed rainbow jewellery range.

The new Valentine Heart design features an open heart dotted with hand-set white zirconia stones on one side and pure silver or gold plating on the other.


For Mother’s Day Sif Jakobs offers a number of boxed jewellery sets, which give a 10% discount to the end customer while still offering the usual profit margin for stockists.

Finally, the Rainbow Shines On promotion runs until 30 April. The rainbow packages include free earrings that retailers can gift to a frontline worker.

A promotional banner in a variety of sizes is available for each campaign from the Sif Jakobs marketing team.