Company says it is still in consultation period.

Signet Group is hoping to have as few job casualties as possible, it told Professional Jeweller yesterday, following the announcement that it is set to axe 99 jobs in its UK head office in Birmingham.

A Signet Group spokeswoman told Professional Jeweller yesterday: “At present we are still in our consultation period and while the number 99 has been mentioned across reports in the press, we’re hoping that the figure will be lower than this.


“That said, the figure isn’t wilfully incorrect but we’re aiming to have as few [job losses] as possible.”

She added that the company was in a financially sound position in the UK and that this recent announcement is part of an evolving process and is not a knee-jerk reaction to the current economic climate.

It is possible that jobs at Signet HQ will be consolidated to allow for a more streamlined, economical workforce.

With a view to the three year plan that was mentioned in yesterday’s announcement, Signet Group said that this was something it could not yet comment on and that there was little detail available to the public.