Signet Jewelers has announced plans to extend its already well-established partnership with Pandora with its US jewellery chain Jared.

As part of this effort, Jared will upgrade more than 200 of its established stores to include new Pandora boutiques.

Mark Light, chief executive officer of Signet Jewelers, says: “For more than seven years, Jared Guests have come to rely on an extensive collection of Pandora jewellery matched with a great customer service experience, helping build new relationships.


“The Pandora brand has been attracting an incremental customer base to Jared for years and we’re confident that the more branded presence of a shop-in-shop, a successful model of watch and jewelry boutiques in Jared and other Signet store brands, will serve an even greater number of Pandora collectors, especially with the planned assortment expansion.”

Starting in 2016, Signet will begin the process of installing enhanced Pandora boutiques in more than 200 Jared stores, which will increase the Pandora footprint to approximately 150 square feet, and support the growth of other Pandora jewellery categories including rings, earrings, etc.

Pandora is currently available in 239 Jared stores.