"Significant" growth in designers going Fairtrade


Use of Fairtrade Gold climbs as renowned designers opt to use metal.

The Fairtrade Foundation reports that a significant number of UK jewellery designers have begun working with Fairtrade gold in 2014, indicating growing interest in the provenance of precious metals from consumers and designers.

The Foundation adds that the calibre of those designers and jewellers choosing to work with Fairtrade Gold is also increasing. 

A statement from the Fairtrade Foundation offers that "the most creative and successful people in jewellery designing are taking an interest in the traceability and provenance of their gold".

The growth ties into the number of designers signing up to the Goldsmiths Registration Scheme, with 98 jewellers and designers registered on the scheme since it launched in April 2014.

The Foundation links this rise to designers such as Ute Decker and Arabel Lebrusan, who have been promoting the use of Fairtrade Gold for a number of years.

The Fairtrade Foundation’s commercial lead for gold, Victoria Waugh, said: “It’s clear that for the UK’s top jewellery designers, knowing the source of their materials is important and it is great that so many of them are keen to purchase Fairtrade gold. They are setting a precedent in the sector by proving that it is possible for businesses to provide their customers with gold from traceable and responsibly managed sources.”


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