ChloBo - Cherabella

Inspired by the founder’s uplifting healing sound vibration experience in coastal Devon, for SS18 ChloBo launched the Cherabella collection, which includes seven individual chakras that are designed to enhance positive energy by releasing happiness, peace, and joy.

With a rise in the ‘wellness’ trend, Cherabella has been performing above expectations in stores up and down the country.

Featuring the warmth and femininity of peach moonstone, semi-precious stones have been combined with a return to the softest glow of gold plating and the brand’s trademark sterling silver to create a fresh addition with the changing season.


The designer says of the range: “The collection reflects the vital energy that emerges when we take the time to balance ourselves, breathe deeply and focus on the physical aspects of ourselves that we want to nurture.” Pieces include single bracelets and, for the first time, four intricate layering necklaces.