Fei Liu Fine Jewellery - Magnolia

Business bloomed for Fei Liu Fine Jewellery at International Jewellery London, with retailers being quick to buy the latest collection – Magnolia – which was launched at the show.

For Magnolia, the designer brand has taken the natural beauty of the cat’s eye gemstone to offer a contemporary range inspired by the namesake oriental flower.

Inspiration came from the eponymous founder’s art background, with the end result being a unique and modern take on a well-known flower.


Several pieces were designed with modest price points in mind to help introduce new customers to the brand.

At IJL, 95% of orders taken at the show was for Magnolia, with customers seeing it as an eye-catching accessible, luxury offering – with a retailer price of £99-£169. Due to this price point the majority of orders to date have been for the complete collection.