Jewellery doesn’t sell itself, so let copywriter Siobhan Maher help share your brand and product with the world. Jewellery copywriting is different, she believes.

However beautifully designed and crafted jewellery pieces may be, it is words that make the sale. Experienced writer and jewellery insider Maher understands the nuances of writing for the jewellery industry.

It requires a careful balance of head and heart; prospective customers need to know the vital details of a piece, but make it theirs with how your copy makes them feel.


Effective jewellery copywriting, Maher believes, needs to simultaneously reassure and romance, inform and inspire.

Storytelling matters
In an increasingly competitive and global market, every retailer knows that effective storytelling is essential to stand out from the crowd and connect with customers.

Working with an international roster of jewellery businesses large and small, Maher helps define and communicate their unique voices and brand stories.

She promises to ensure that a brand’s storytelling is compelling and authentic – vital cornerstones to building genuine connection and engagement with the audience.

For authentic storytelling and sales-making copy
Working with Maher will provide a business with copy and storytelling that will make sales.

She can put together copy for a jewellery business’ website homepage, about page, product descriptions, frequently asked questions and more.

Retailers and brands could even add elements to their website they had never considered, such as an ethical statement page or manufacturing story.

Maher can even cover taglines and headlines, social media content and photo captions, articles, blog posts and newsletters, as well as brochure or look book copy.

Businesses interested in discussing prices and options can contact Siobhan Maher below.