Goldsmiths Registration Scheme to build presence of metals in UK.

The Fairtrade Foundation has officially launched its Goldsmiths Registration Scheme, allowing small designers to work with Fairtrade gold and silver, without having to buy large amounts of the precious metals.

The launch of the scheme follows recognition by the Fairtrade Foundation that collectively smaller jewellery designers, artists and silversmiths have a chance to transform the UK market for Fairtrade gold and silver.


The Fairtrade Foundation described the Goldsmiths Registration Scheme as "the single most significant development in ethical sourcing in the UK since the launch of Fairtrade gold in 2011". The new scheme aims to make Fairtrade metals accessible to all and will play a vital role in the ethical transformation of the jewellery sector.

Fairtrade gold commercial account manager Reena Agarwal said of the news: “The Fairtrade Foundation recognises that the vast majority of the jewellery trade rests in the hands of the small jewellers and this scheme sends a clear signal to the entire market that small is beautiful. Collectively small jewellers have the power to transform the national market through this scheme, so we are encouraging goldsmiths from across the country to register and help Fairtrade to transform the lives of marginalised artisanal and small scale miners through the power of their creativity."

Those wishing to register can do so online for free. Registration enables small jewellers to purchase certified Fairtrade Gold and precious metals from a master licensee in a semi-finished form, such as sheet, wire, tube casting grain and use it in your work.

Small jewellers or goldsmiths who join the scheme agree to abide by certain terms and conditions that include, not being able to stamp your jewellery with the Fairtrade stamp, only using certain pre-determined marketing materials and agreeing to the annual limits of 500g of gold or platinum or 2kg’s of silver.

Agarwal continued: “Naturally we want all small jewellers and goldsmiths to become full license holders, allowing them to stamp their jewellery pieces, but in the interim, the small jewellers and goldsmiths scheme is a great way to enjoy creating jewellery using Fairtrade certified metals and directly benefit the artisanal and small-scale miners and their impoverished communities.’