SOCIAL MEDIA: Top advice to improve your Twitter

With 288 million monthly active users on Twitter, it is worth investing in getting your presence right. You may be merrily tweeting away but are you actually increasing your followers?

In the final installment of our three-part series on social media, Simon Horton of ShopIntegrator shares his tips on how to optimise your Twitter activity and grow your audience.

Twitter best practice 
It is important to get the basics right, so let’s start with a few best practice tips.

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• Posts obviously have to be brief but don’t use up all 140 characters. Leave some room so people can retweet your tweet.

• Make good use of your hashtags but try not to overdo it as it can make your tweet look spammy.

• Don’t just blow your own trumpet. Share links, join conversations and comment on tweets that will be of interest to your followers.

• Frequency is important but only tweet if you have something worth sharing.

• Retweet your best tweets (just ensure you re-word them). The second tweet of an article can get as much as 86% of the performance of the first.

Include visual content
Visual content is becoming increasingly important across all social media platforms. Including photos and images in your tweets can improve engagement. Research shows tweets with images receive 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets.

Don’t forget about video. Since January 2015 mobile Twitter users have been able to capture and share videos of up to 30 seconds.

Vary your tweets
If you want to grow your followers you can’t just churn out the same product promotions over and over again. Think about how you can spice up your offerings by sharing useful links and tweeting entertaining, informative and engaging content.

For inspiration take a look at Stella & Dot. They have great mix of visual content, complementing, eye-catching product photos with funny and inspiring quotes, interesting retweets, upcoming trends, industry news, celebrity events and peeks behind the scene at their team.

Explore Twitter Analytics
The Twitter dashboard is worth getting familiar with. For example, it tells you at a glance how your tweets have performed and what your followers have found the most interesting. It is valuable information that you can use to focus your content more effectively.

Take an integrated approach
As multi-platform growth continues with 52% of online adults using two or more social media sites, keeping your message consistent across all your accounts is important. Look at your entire social media presence as part of an integrated marketing strategy rather than in isolation.

Implementing just some of the above-mentioned tips will help ensure you get the most out of your time on Twitter. I’d love to hear about your views and experiences in the comments below or tweet me @ShopIntegrator. Happy tweeting!

About the author: Simon Horton is the founder of ShopIntegrator, a hosted shopping cart ecommerce plugin that makes it easy for anybody to add an online store onto their existing website without any coding.x