Lindy Neave wins judges approval with sketch of Darling Buds design.

A 19-year-old student from Somerset beat the competition to win the Harriet Kelsall student design competition.

Lindy Neave, a second-year jewellery student, won over the judges with her Darling Buds jewellery design. The sketches made by Neave showed a 9ct yellow gold ring set in the rub-over style with three pink-red ruby cabochons and three small leaves of gold.


As prize for the competition Neave has won an internship with Harriet Kelsall, and her Darling Buds design will be made for her by the design team at the jeweller and then given to her as a gift.

The brief for the Harriet Kelsall competition was delivered to students via YouTube with an actress shown in the clip delivering a brief for her engagement ring (see below). Students were required to deliver hand-drawn sketches, something that the jeweller’s eponymous owner Harriet Kellsal believes was a crucial element of the competition.

Kelsall said: “Proper clean-sheet bespoke jewellery design is at the heart of everything we do at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery and l want to make sure that this skill isn’t lost.

“Design programmes and CAD have made it easy to adapt template designs with some in the industry calling this bespoke but in my view this isn’t real bespoke jewellery design. An important element of the competition was that students presented hand-drawn sketches, which made me aware that there is a real need to remind students that hand drawing is a key skill.”