3D owl design hand-carved by Bennett, with gemstone set for eyes.

Jewellery designer Sonya Bennett has released her new silver and gold vermeil Owl collection after debuting the range at IJL last month.

The designer, who lives and works in the West Country, says that the range is her favourite among her new collection, and one that she spent several months producing.


Bennett said: “I’d worked on this all summer long and I have to admit that it took a while to get the finer detail right when I was carving in wax. The real breakthrough I had was deciding to subtly accentuate the eyes and bill of the silver and black oxidised versions with 18ct gold plate, which gave the finishing touch I’d been looking for.”

Bennett has also set citrines as eyes into her 22ct gold vermeil versions of the range.

The owl design is based on a tawny owl, which Bennett chose for its intelligence, poise and wisdom. “I hope it will add a sense of depth and intrigue to the wearer’s look,” she said.

The collection includes pendants on fine curb chains and drop earrings on hook fittings. Bennett also launched her Vaudeville, Evergreen and Garland collections at IJL, which take inspiration from the American and Canadian shows of the early 1900s through to forests and woodland.