Auctioneer Sotheby’s is allowing anyone to ‘try on’ a £1.1 million tiara before the precious item goes on sale – without any breach of social distancing or Covid safety measures.

An 11 May Geneva auction by Sotheby’s will see the piece – which has been “passed down through generations of the Royal family of Italy” according to an Instagram post from the auction house – go under the hammer.

The tiara boasts an estimated value of between £700,000 and £1.1 million, and now anyone can ‘try it on’ via Sotheby’s Instagram stories.


In a post on Instagram, Sotheby’s said: “To mark its auction debut, we have created an interactive effect allowing you to virtually ‘try on’ the tiara against the splendid backdrop of an Italian palace.”

The auction house invited its Instagram followers to see its Stories for a chance to virtually try on the piece.


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Surprisingly, this is not the first augmented reality tiara. Almost 10 years ago, Vogue created a ‘try on a tiara’ experience. Read more below:

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