Spanish jewellery brand Tartesia has announced its launch into the UK market.

After a successful debut of the brand’s website, Tartesia has secured a number of premium stockists in Madrid, Spain and has now partnered with London-based luxury fashion sales and marketing agency Thread Not Bare to build the brand’s presence in the UK.

Having received interest from retailers, Tartesia intends to launch into a few select few UK shops over the next few months.


Tartesia co-founder and chief executive officer, Selina Ashdown, says: “We are passionate about our jewellery being designed and made in Spain, and we wanted to share this beautiful craftsmanship with the rest of the world. It has been great to receive such a positive response from the UK retail market and we are excited to work with ThreadNotBare to grow our retail business in the UK.”

Tartesia is a fine fashion jewellery brand, which blends Spanish heritage with modern designs. All the new brand’s pieces have been crafted in sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil.

Tartesia has unveiled three collections, inspired by vibrant and enchanting tales from Spain’s heritage to create an authentic story around each collection. The inaugural Tartesia collections include earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, and combine elegant shapes and distinctive precious metal textures to create simple and refined jewellery.

Ashdown adds: “Tartesia’s mission is to make people feel special every day by bringing alive unique stories into every piece and making them available to the international women of today.”

Tartesia jewellery has an RRP of £80-£300 and will be available in select UK retailers soon.