SPEAKER’S CORNER: Will you hold a January sale?


Three retailers give their view on marking down jewellery after Xmas.

In this month’s Professional Jeweller, we asked three retailers from different parts of the UK to discuss January sales. Will they go on sale in the new year? What amount of discount will they offer shoppers? And how do the decide which products or designers to mark down? Read on to find out their views.

Will you host a sale in January and if so, how will you choose which designers or products to put on sale?

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Clare Chandler – Founder, Clifton Rocks in Bristol

“I opened two years ago so I didn’t run a sale last January but customers did ask if I was going to this year, so I will put some pieces on sale in the first week of January. I will let my customers know through my mailing list. It’s likely to be the bought stock that isn’t selling, which is a shame because they’re all designers I love. I did have some smaller sales in the summer but didn’t shout about these so much.”


Nathali Kabiri – Co-founder and head buyer, Kabiri in central London

“Yes we will, marking down current stock going straight in at 50%, with older stocked marked down by 75%. There will be between five and 10 designers in the sale, some present season and some historic. We don’t tend to get sample or older stock in from our designers, though. We will host our sales both in-store and online and tend to play it by ear when it comes to how long the sale is online.”


Andrew Marshall – Founder, Head & Hart in Maidstone

“It is a very competitive market this year with discounts barely off the high street all year. I’m sick of red sales signs everywhere but, if needs must, we must compete and go on sale – question is, if the sales begin before Christmas is there any point in going on sale after? The red sales signs have been the same since 1991 – I have a photograph of our old shop in Gravesend High Street with nothing but red sale stickers in all the shops around.”


Speaker’s Corner was taken from the December issue of Professional Jeweller. To read more opinion and viewpoints from industry members and more articles from the digital edition of the December issue, click here.

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