Spring Fair reactions ? Sunday

Reactions from the first day of the Birmingham show

“I’ve got mixed feelings about this show, but we’ve been really busy all day. It’s a dying show for us as we get our customers through other channels now.”
Daren Daniels, sales and marketing manager, Bransom

“The new design is fab and the catwalk show is exciting; I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen. I like the walkthrough to the accessories hall – it differentiates but it doesn’t cut you off.”
Lyndsey Straughton, British Jewellers Association

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“This year the Sunday has been pretty good, much better than last year. The show has gone down market and the focus on bead brands is boring. Bespoke has practically disappeared and gem dealers are fewer.”
Apollonius Nooten-Boom II, Hean Studio

“I think it’s been very buoyant. People aren’t buying as much as we’d like but they’re gathering info. Silver is doing well. The catwalk has definitely knocked the show up a few notches.”
Ian Armstrong, area manager, CL Edwards



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