After injecting half a million into the business, Sproules Jewellers has competed an ambitious showroom shake-up.

A new 2,585 sq ft boutique, occupying three adjoining units, has seen the Londonderry-based jeweller create a unique Diamond Room with two champagne bars overlooking the city. The revamped premises also boasts a Wedding Ring boutique, an extended additional jewellery showroom, and watchmaker and goldsmith workshops specialising in repairs.

To support the larger showroom, Sproules has gone from a team of three on the shop floor, to 11.


Owner and managing Director, Nigel Sproule, shares: “Today’s retail market is evolving and to stay ahead of the curve we want to give our customers a memorable, personal experience. We invest in getting to know our customers and providing them with a unique shopping experience they can’t find anywhere else. Our new luxurious Diamond Room and Wedding Ring Boutique provides couples with a more quiet, intimate setting when selecting their rings.

“With a current trend towards personalisation and individuality, we have also invested in innovative techniques to personalise jewellery quickly and to a very high quality. A greater proportion of our range than ever before is now designed and made for us exclusively, we hope to establish ourselves as bespoke jewellers.”

Sproules first opened on John Street in Derry/Londonderry in 1954 and later moved to its current location on Carlisle Road after the business outgrew its premises. In 2010, owner Nigel Sproule bought the adjacent building as part of their long-term vision to become a bespoke jeweller.

The new showroom follows months or hard work, and even a temporary closure and move to another premises, but the jewellery retailer is pleased to have the store up and running before Christmas trading.

The MD continues: “Our business model today is a million miles away from our humble beginnings on John Street in the 1950s, but our core DNA remains unchanged- to be customer focused and only source and make products of quality. I’m very fortunate to have dedicated staff members, all of whom are passionate about what they do and have really helped to drive the business forward.”

The business has also put some of its investment online, as it understands the important role the internet plays in the customer journey.

The jeweller has already seen an “explosive” growth of online sales, which it says has been helped through social media.

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