SS17 catwalk trends for IJL 2016 revealed


International Jewellery London has unveiled the trends that will be appearing on the IJL catwalk this September.

Based on the SS17 trend analysis by IJL partner, Adorn Insight, the catwalk looks highlight four key concepts to inspire retailers.

The IJL catwalk will take place every day at 11.00, 13.30 and 15.30 along the trade show’s very own bridal scene – Moments in Time.

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With a finger on the pulse of global consumer trends, trend analysis agency Adorn Insight highlights the four key themes set to impact the jewellery industry as follows:


Bold, candy colours and graphic shapes are the hero here! Graphic Punch is about breaking the rules and having fun. Experiment with peculiar pairings, exaggerated forms, coloured enamel, textured metal and bold gems. This style of jewellery is designed to get noticed and be seen.


Dare to be different. Craft Tech’s inspiration has innovation in manufacturing and materials at its source with a nod to stylish sustainability. Skilfully crafted machine-made structures sit alongside re-cycled and up-scaled elements. Embrace ethical applications, 3D-printing, super faceting and new alloys.


Strong architectural references are juxtaposed with organic, flowing design. Nu Form is  pushing the boundaries in terms of structural applications and making new rules. Think smooth lines interrupted by breaks and circles contrasted with squares. Colours are simple and metallics are key especially when paired with semi- precious stones and coloured pearls.


Vintage selfie is all about reworked vintage styles and customisable design with heraldry providing fresh new updates and direction. Multi -layered jewels and convertible pieces encourage self-expression and creativity. Charms, slogans and motifs provide a resource for individualism and sentimentality.  ‘Collect and Keep’ are the buzz words here and  provide an opportunity for woven metals, chain cascades, carve stones, resins, coins and medallions to come into their own.

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