PR and communications director Steen Laursen has announced his departure from Danish jewellery brand Endless Jewelry.


The news was announced on Laursen’s private Facebook account on December 29.


In his message Lauren wrote: “Endless and I will continue our travel – separately.

“I shall refrain from boring you to death with details, but simply note, that there are different views on the future PR strategy, which I fully respect. If you do not agree on the basics, the healthy choice for all is to choose separate paths.

“This choice has now been made, and even though I have promised to be available if my assistance should be required, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the good people who have been a part of the journey and who have made, and still makes a positive difference.”

Laursen also expressed that it has been a “true pleasure” to be a part of the Endless brand and he is proud of what it has achieved in such a short space of time.

Laursen was appointed the role of Endless Jewelry PR and communications director in June 2014. He says he will now spend some time relaxing and considering his options.

The full Facebook post can be read in full here: