Independent jewellery retailer, Steffans, has invested in an eye-catching and meaningful installation as it prepares to welcome customers back next week.

In a nod to local heroes, the Northampton-based jeweller has installed 4,175 butterflies outside and inside its store to represent each member of Northampton general hospital who has helped during the pandemic.

Prior to this, the jewellery retailer has been hanging angel wing key rings on a tree in the hospital grounds for over a month.


Sales director, Wes Suter, explains: “We just want to share some moments of joy through a very hard time for all at the local hospital.”

Working non-stop throughout lockdown, Steffans has also invested £200K in revamping the boutique – with a particular focus on enhancing the customer experience.

Suter adds: “We have had a full shop refit and have not stopped working to improve every part of our store experience.

“We have created a new environment where brands are still important but our name and heritage is what we stand for. All the brands are now housed in the same cabinets to create the ultimate luxury feel.”

He adds: “We are super excited to see our clients faces again.”

Jewellery stores will open in England on Monday, June 15.

LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN: Independent jeweller invests £200K in store revamp ahead of re-opening