Step closer to restarting Merange diamond exports

KP chair asks for patience during consultations with Zimbabwe.

Member governments of the Kimberley Process have given their agreement to a document that would allow for the recommencement of exports from approved concessions in the Marange region of Zimbabwe.

Before exports can resume authorities in Zimbabwe will need to complete a series of consultations with Kimberley Process chair Mathieu Yamba representing the democratic Replublic of Congo. The consultations are believed to be sensitive and ongoing and Yamba has asked for understanding and patience as efforts are made to reach a conclusion.

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The World Diamond Council is advising retailers and jewellers that until an official conclusion is reached, diamonds from approved concessions in Marange do not carry the approval of the Kimberley Process.

In a statement, the World Diamond Council said: “We advocate caution and the adoption of due diligence when trading rough diamonds on the international market."



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