Fine jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn has presented his most intricate bespoke creation yet, featuring 18ct Fairtrade gold and Fairtrade silver with Gemfields emeralds, white diamonds and yellow diamonds.

The Les Pitons Vertes bracelet took over four months to make and was inspired his recent visit to the beautiful island of Saint Lucia.

The handmade item includes a beautifully graded vitreous enamel scene with 161 round brilliant pavé set Gemfields emeralds, 298 white round brilliant-cut pavé set diamonds and 12 yellow diamonds, plus two subtle black diamonds used to accent the eyes of the hummingbirds.


In total, the one-off-piece took a staggering 350 hours for Einhorn and his team in his London workshop to make.

Einhorn comments: “Saint Lucia is incredibly inspiring and I wanted to design something that would represent the feel of the island, the amazingly abundant flora and fauna, the exoticness of the place. In the end I chose natural elements that would say the most and that would work well with the various techniques, stones and enamel that I intended using.

“We decided we would make the bracelet in 18ct Fairtrade Gold and Fairtrade Silver with only ethically sourced precious stones. Provenance, craftsmanship and authenticity have always been at the heart of everything that we as a company do, and these issues are continually becoming increasingly more important to our customers – people want to know what a design is made of, where it is made and who is making it, which is really fantastic. The experience of creating the bespoke bracelet was one of my most challenging but also enjoyable pieces of work I have done to date.”

In addition to the bespoke bracelet, Einhorn has created limited edition Hummingbird charms that will range from £63 for Fairtrade sterling silver to £880 for 18ct Fairtrade white gold. The hummingbird’s eyes can also be set with round brilliant cut precious stones, including white diamonds, black diamonds, blue sapphires and emeralds.

The Les Pitons Vertes bespoke bracelet is to be featured as the prize in a joint competition between Stephen Einhorn and Condé Nast Traveller.

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