Spanning four decades, Stephen Webster’s eponymous brand has become internationally renowned for creating bold and innovative fine jewellery pieces, but behind the scenes the designer has been working on bespoke homeware products and now plans to expand this side of the business.

This December, for the very first time, Webster’s emporium of contemporary homeware products will be presented to the public at Design Miami and available to buy worldwide from the designer’s stores.

With unique designs that continue to break the rules, the homeware collection features artistic pieces such as the Beast’s Chef’s Knives; six sculpted bronze ‘Beasts’ with hand-forged Damascus steel blades, hand blown aquatic-themed glassware and a striking sterling silver Tequila bar set and lead crystal glasses inspired by iconic characters from Mexican folklore and presented in a bespoke Tanner Krolle leather case.


Other pieces include figurative ‘Urchin’ salt and pepper pots, a pair of whimsical ‘Mouse’ cheese knives, champagne flutes adorned with tahitian pearls and the Last Straw; a handcrafted sterling silver straw, hand engraved with the owner’s name followed by the statement ‘Last Straw’, of which 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Plastic Ocean Foundation.

“Having spent a lifetime adorning people’s bodies, it makes a nice change to be making things that are used around the home; after all it’s where the heart is,” says the famous jewellery designer, Stephen Webster MBE on the move into homeware.