Stephen Webster has been inspired by his passion for marine life for his latest collection Fish Tales.

Continuing to draw on a life-long fascination with the sea and underwater world, Stephen Webster, the new collection features 26 figurative charms in 18ct yellow gold and diamonds, each depicting a sea creature entangled with a letter of the alphabet.

To accompany the collection, Webster has written a short book inspired by his passion for the marine life and stories from the deep. Each chapter captures the trials, tribulations and characters of these sea creatures in a heart-warming and often humorous way that will appeal to adult and young alike.


“I can’t remember a time when I haven’t regularly gazed below the waterline of a pond, river, sea, rock pool or, indeed, a puddle,” shares Stephen Webster. “I always found life under the surface of a body of water more interesting than that up the top. I hope the collection and the book go some way towards uncovering the mystery and magic of an aquatic life.”

Creates captures in the range include dolphins, fish, stingrays and sharks, alongside some more mystical creatures.

Each letter represents the name of an animal found in the ocean.