The government has been open and honest about the impact staying at home could have on mental health and, as someone who has suffered with mental health issues, British jewellery designer, Stephen Webster, has pledged to support those in need by partnering with a UK charity.

From now until April 19 2020, Stephen Webster will donate 10% of all total sales values for the company’s online transactions to mental health charity, MIND.

MIND is working hard to provide people struggling with mental health during the coronavirus pandemic with a call service as well as online peer support communities.


The focus for MIND is to help people stay connected with others and feel less alone during these uncertain times.

Stephen Webster explains: “Alongside the obvious health risk from catching the disease, are underling health issues. Self-isolating feels strange to us all as naturally social animals, but on the whole we will and are getting on with it. However, to those with existing mental health issues, isolation is one of the most frightening places to be.

“As a young person I suffered from mental health issues and I can confirm that the only thing that can bring one up from a very dark place is interaction with people both professional and social, even if everything in your body tells you that you don’t want to see anyone.”

 The namesake founder and creative director adds: “Therefore, during these exceptional times of avoidance rather than embracement of our friends and family; we have chosen to donate 10% of all sales proceeds for the duration of this pandemic to the mental health charity, MIND.”

IMAGE CREDIT: ‘Courtesy of Rankin’