Colourful fine jewellery line Albion Rose celebrates British culture.

Stephen Webster has unveiled a new couture fine jewellery line called Albion Rose that celebrates British culture.

There are three lines within the Albion Rose collection – Magnipheasant, Stargazy and Thorn Couture.


Magnipheasant is a colourful collection of jewels inspired by pheasants. Black diamonds are contrasted against a rainbow of gems to create the effect of the black edging found on pheasant feathers, and the shape of the jewels beautifully captures the shapes of the birds without making a too obvious direct reference.

Stargazy, which takes its name from Cornish delicacy the Stargazy Pie, is a collar and chandelier earrings set. The jewels feature cascading star shapes set with light green emeralds.

For Thorn Couture Stephen Webster has set Tahitian pearls against edgy diamond-set thorns to create a beautiful necklace. There is also a matching full-finger Thorn Couture ring set with diamonds, a style that the brand said has become popular with its clients, and earrings.

The brand’s designer Stephen Webster said: " From Blake and Dickens to The Kinks and The Smiths; writers, painters, poets and composers have all attempted to define what it is to be British but to the best of our knowledge this has never been conveyed through the eye of the jeweller.

"With this in mind, our new couture fine jewellery collection will attempt just that; paying homage to the history, culture, climate, diet and of course the humour and many eccentricities of the ‘nation of shopkeepers’ as once referred to by the very short and even more short-sighted Napoleon Bonaparte. From the magnificent Magnipheasant and Stargazy suites to the elegantly edgy Thorn Couture necklace and earrings, we hope we have gone some way to revealing what it is that gave a small gathering of damp islands between the Atlantic and North Sea the confidence to call its self Great.”

The jewels are currently touring the world with Webster, following the jeweller on his travels. The jewels will then take up residence in the brand’s stores in London and Beverly Hills in the US in spring.

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