Travelling luxe jewellery collection makes stop in UK on world tour.

Stephen Webster’s Couture Voyage collection, a range of one-off luxury jewellery designs inspired by the designer’s travels, made a stop in London yesterday.

Webster is well known for his hectic travel schedule and has turned his experiences into one-off haute joallerie creations, with small collections inspired by different locations around the world. Rather than be split up and distributed to stores, Couture Voyage will travel with Webster as he tours the world and will be introduced to clients around the globe.


London was the second stop on Couture Voyage’s global tour. The collection made its debut in Geneva where the jewellery brand sold a pair of ruby earrings from its Hong Kong collection.

As well as the Hong Kong collection, which features traditional Asian influences with double-finger snake and dragon rings and a tasselled ruby necklace, there is also the Art Deco-inspired New York line, a collection titled Midnight over the Caspain Sea with moon and star motifs, including a ring with a crescent-shaped moonstone with a face carved into it, a colourful gemstone Africa collection inspired by the Madagascan Sunset Moth, and a collection dedicated Russia with a statement collar and earrings encrusted with white and black diamonds inspired by the dark snow-filled forests often featured in Russian fairytales.

Webster said: “Couture Voyage is inspired by my travels. My work takes me all over the world, so why not make a collection inspired by some of my favourite destinations?”

The Couture Voyage collection will continue to travel with Webster and will soon be docking in Moscow, Lebanon, the US and Bacău. Prices for the collection start at £10,000.

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