From reading trade mags as a shop assistant to writing for the market.

Time is a funny thing. About 10 years ago in my first Saturday job as a sales assistant in a West Country jewellers I would spend my lunch breaks (and, admittedly, those quieter moments) reading many of the UK jewellery trade publications that then existed.

I pored over brands and retailers that I longed to see in the flesh, admiring the work of individuals who today I can share a beer with or call to gain their opinion on an industry happening.


Fast forward to now and it is with this same excitement, intrigue and enthusiasm that I step into the jewel-encrusted shoes of Professional Jeweller’s illustrious former editor Rachael Taylor, who has taught me the ropes of this journalism game, as well as many valuable lessons along the way.

I’ve been in the role for two months now and it has already been filled with new projects and armfuls of fresh responsibility. Beyond all of that, though, my aim and that of Professional Jeweller remains the same: to bring you the most up-to-date news and trends from the jewellery industry.

It feels like yesterday that we returned from a week-long trip to BaselWorld, with heads full of news from the 115 appointments that the Professional Jeweller team fulfilled. We’ve condensed this information and fed it back to you in the weeks since the show.

Our recent focus has also been on the growing trend for designer and high street collaborations, a feature from our May issue which, when it we posted the feature online last week, became one of our most read features. While these high street hook ups are not a new phenomenon more and more emerging jewellery talents find that they are a lucrative conduit for winning new business and growing their brand name. I hope that highlighting this trend will have inspired today’s new designers and drive them to take the chance to realise their dreams tomorrow. Rather like my teenage self sat reading British jewellery trade magazines all those years ago.

Of course if you have news about your brand, your shop or business, then we’re here to cover it. You can reach me directly on

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