Interest from retailers skyrockets after Kate picks out jeweller.

Jewellery brand Serretta has experienced a spike in interest from retailers after a pair of her earrings were worn by the Duchess of Cambridge on a tour of the Solomon Islands last month.

The Duchess wore a pair of the brand’s Lipstick Red Sponge Coral Earrings, which she got through online retailer My Flash Trash. The drop earrings, which are handmade and have a recommended retail price of £36,feature a coral-coloured bead and rolled gold chain tassels.


Since the royal was photographed wearing the earrings Seretta founder Serretta Morris said that she has experienced a boost in sales with orders being placed from all over the world as well as the number of retailers enquiring about becoming a stockist quadrupling.

Morris told local newspaper The Leicester Mercury: "I have stockists all over the UK but the phone hasn’t stopped ringing from others since news got out.

"I think she’s [Duchess of Cambridge] very conscious about using British designers wherever possible but for her to pick such a small, unknown independent company like mine is beyond belief.”

The Serretta brand was founded three years ago and stockists include Silverpot in Market Harborough, Made Galley in Uppingham and Ubhule Jewellery in Nantwich.