Stolen Kardashian jewellery ‘could end up in Hatton Garden’

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The £3.5m diamond ring that Paris robbers stole from Kim Kardashian is likely to be broken up and sold on — and could end up in Hatton Garden’s jewellery district, experts claim. 

The ring was taken when thieves gained access to the Paris apartment where Kardashian was staying. They made off with jewellery worth more than £9m during the raid in the early hours of Monday morning.

News reports have linked the crime to the notorious Pink Panther gang, who are thought to be behind some of France’s most high-profile jewellery heists.

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Experts speculate that the size of the diamond, and huge publicity around the case, would make it difficult for the thieves to resell the ring. They suggest it is more likely to be broken into smaller stones where there is less chance of it being traced. The band could also be melted and reused.

Peter Kirkham, a former Met detective who has investigated armed robberies in the past, told Metro that the jewellery would be “broken up and sold on, possibly ending up in London’s Hatton Garden gems district”.

Lee Henderson, an intelligence officer at SaferGems, an initiative against crimes in the jewellery industry, also believes the thieves will struggle to offload it in one piece without being caught.

He told CNN: “If it’s a diamond ring, the stone will most likely end up broken down into smaller pieces. Otherwise it will be very difficult to sell. Nobody will want to handle it.”

Mr Henderson added that images of stolen goods are usually widely distributed among legitimate traders, making it almost impossible for the thieves to fence them in their original forms.

However, he did raise the prospect that the ring could have been stolen to order.

Kim Kardashian had previously posted pictures of the ring on social media, which police think might have alerted the robbers that she had the jewellery on her in Paris.

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  1. If the stone is to be re-cut, surely it’s more likely to go to an area where there’s more of that activity, such as Belgium, Germany or Switzerland. There’s very little of that in Hatton Garden. The smaller stones and the metal could go absolutely anywhere. Not really impressed by the conclusions of these so called experts.

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