A warm, luxe jewellery store in the heart of central London.

Annoushka’s youngest standalone store is located on South Molton Street, nestled between London’s Oxford Street and New Bond Street.

It deep blue shop front and gold signage have a warm, welcoming vibe, something that is carried over in store thanks to homely details such as a triptych of Annoushka’s Alchemy necklaces, and seating alongside its jewellery cases.


The shop’s style is a combination of luxe and modern, with interior focal points such as a looped crystal chandelier and a mirrored wall studded with jewellery cases, giving shoppers a chance to admire themselves wearing the brand’s jewellery. Underfoot, rugs soften the step of shoppers, adding to the warmth.

This month’s Store Envy was taken from the January Guest Editor edition, overseen by Annoushka Ducas. To read the issue in full online, click here.