Fitzgerald Jewellers has seen sales soar since it refurbished its boutique last year.

During the first eight months of the revamped store opening, turnover increased by 50% on the year before for the Canterbury-based jeweller.

Proud to have had a goldsmith on site since before the war, the store refurbishment was inspired by industrial trends, using traditional materials such as metal, wood, and concrete to nod to its history.


Now wanting the store to look cold though, deep heritage colours were also added.

The store creative manager shares with Professional Jeweller: “The store needed to be relaxing, avoiding the ice cold feeling of bright white lights and hurried decisions, so we created a vibe not dissimilar to that of a living room.

“The environment is comfortable yet aspirational with velvet adornments and worn Persian rugs. We used traditional Liberty printed wallpaper and fabrics.

Despite having a workshop before the refit, the new-look has had an extremely positive effect on the bespoke side of the business, with commissions increasing by 223% year-on-year in the first eight months of the refit.

The retailer has also introduced new brands to fit with the new look, including Alex Monroe and Deakin & Francis, which are stocked exclusively by Fitzgerald Jeweller sin the city.

The creative manager concludes: “Our new store has introduced new customers who never noticed the store before. We regularly host in store events which didn’t seem possible in our old store. Some of these events have seen our store beat targets by up to 143%.

“We like to think that shopping at Fitzgerald Jewellers now is more of an experience. Our store mantra is ‘Inspired by You, Created by Us’ and that’s what makes the Fitzgerald store what it is today.”