Jewellery brands have expressed concerns for how products are displayed in store, with some describing this obstacle as their biggest challenge.

Talking at an exclusive roundtable and during the most recent Jewellery & Watch trade show, senior brand executives revealed how stores often don’t take care of stock despite being provided the tools to create eye-catching displays.

Chrysalis founder, Andy Maine, told Professional Jeweller that quite often when a partner is struggling to shift stock, she asks them to send a picture of the displays and instantly knows what the problem is. It is nothing to do with the product, but rather the presentation.


Les Georgettes sales director, Mark Faulkner, echoed this point as he shared how quite often after a store reveals they are struggling to sell the product, he pays the retailer a visit, reshuffles the stock, presents it in the way it’s supposed to be, and sales soon start to soar.

Elsewhere, Hot Diamonds Group head of commerce Adryan Cresswell discussed how this was a problem for his brands too, and going forward into the year it is an issue he will be addressing and helping retailers overcome.

“The bigger the brand you are you have to face different challenges,” Swarovski UK managing director Hayley Quinn explains. “For me it’s more about consistency and getting partners to understand that the representation of the brand, and the way that the brand is sold is really important to all of us.”

She adds: “The biggest challenge for the independent is what one brand wants is different from what another one wants and they’ve got to do everything for everybody. That’s actually very difficult for a small independent organisation.”

How stock is displayed plays a large part in the customer experience. If a display space is left unfilled, shoppers miss out on finding one piece to fall in love with. If a bracelet is put back the wrong way round, it’s not going to catch the eye of potential buyers.

All the brand execs Professional Jeweller spoke to about this matter said they were happy to help, and many offer store’s visual aids in the form of detailed handbooks complete with photos.