Watchmakers Struthers London have announced the launch of a new range of jewellery under its new sister company Fox by Struthers London.

The new jewellery line has been designed to abide by the same core values of handmade British luxury craft as their Struthers London watches,

Struthers is a name fast becoming synonymous with bringing traditional handskills into the twenty first century by preserving and working with some of the finest craftsmen in Britain, and their Fox jewellery collection is set to be no different.


Launching with a range of cufflinks, pins and bracelets inspired by the brand’s fox logo, the Struthers have combined their own skills as watchmakers and jewellers with masters of craft including one of the few remaining chainmakers in Britain, and calling upon the centuries old production techniques of drop stamping and wax carving.

The Struthers already have roots in the jewellery industry, with co-founder Rebecca Struthers training as a jeweller and award-winning silversmith before turning her hand to watchmaking in 2005.

Of their new jewellery range, the Struthers say: “Each Fox by Struthers London piece represents an investment in traditional home-grown talent. We want the Struthers name to represent our passion for the promotion, support and preservation of dying crafts to ensure their continuation in the future of fine British craft.”


  1. So good to see Rebecca and Craig Struthers, a pair of exceptional students, building on their remarkable talents to provide a range of highly professional products.
    Their success should be an inspiration to all up and coming students and shows that with hard work and determination anything is possible.
    My their success go from strength to strengh.