Stuart Laing challenges NAJ to clean out rogue traders

20/08/2010 Stuart LaingGlasgowScotland

Stuart Laing, the outgoing chairman of Houlden Group, has fired a parting shot at the NAG for failing to address grey market importers within its membership.

Speaking in an open forum at Houlden Group’s summer getaway he recalled a conversation he’d had with NAG chief executive Michael Rawlinson where he pointed out that NAG members were selling Rolexes and other prestige brands that had not been bought through authorised channels

Mr Rawlinson said he was unaware of the practice and would look into it. But Mr Laing still pressed that the NAG, now that is merging with the BJA to form the NAJ, “needs to get its house in order, or Houlden members will not have to be members of the NAJ”.

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Rob Corder

The author Rob Corder


  1. Stuart raises a very important point. The problem is that so many people operating in our industry are not members of the NAJ, and the organisation has only limited clout when dealing with members who fail to comply with proper industry standards.
    Dentists and the legal profession must be signed up to there respective trade bodies to have a licence to practice, and they have the powers to withdraw a licence to practice.
    The NAJ does not have that power.
    Generally those that trade in a less than ethical manner are usually not members of the NAJ.

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