Company to set up shop in Leeds, working closely with Gemvision.

US jewellery manufacturing and gemstone company Stuller is set to launch in the UK, with Gemvision hailing its UK arrival at The Jewellery Show in February, a move that is said to consolidate the partnership between both companies.

Gemvision and Stuller formed a strategic partnership in 2009 with the aim of enhancing customisation tools for jewellery retailers.


Stuller will bring its “superior technology and fulfilment capabilities” to UK independent retailers and companies through its launch at The Jewellery Show, where it will showcase its coloured gemstones – it is one of the largest suppliers of coloured gemstones in the USA and DTC-Sightholder – as well as tools and precious metals and wedding bands.

The company will also launch Sterlium Plus to UK manufacturers, a tarnish resistant, sterling silver alloy that is said to have the strength of 14ct gold while retaining it bright white colour, something Stuller says makes it ideal for gem setting.

The partnership between Gemvision and Stuller has already produced CounterSketch Studio, a 3D jewellery design platform that allows retailers and customers to design jewellery on-screen, with more 2,500 finished designs that can be modified to clients’ tastes.

Graham Dicks of Gemvision said: “Gemvision and Stuller have set a benchmark for jewellery design software by evolving the art of jewellery design in a way that’s never been seen before.

“Stuller will be based in Leeds and with a dedicated staff, which means we are now able to deliver a truly enhanced offering to retailers and manufacturers, with an unrivalled combination of world leading CAD/CAM products and fulfilment capabilities.”

Stuller’s will also give its current UK partners exclusive access to an online retail showcase feature, where retailers can see individual images of gemstones online, view grading reports and allow retail customers to select their own stones, with profit margins pre-selected in advance by the retailer.

The company will be at stand P28-Q29 at The Jewellery Show at Spring Fair.