Known for their display of fashion, the Sex and the City films have designers clamour for their collections to feature on screen. Juliet Hutton-Squire spots the styles behind the jewellery in this year’s movie blockbuster Sex and the City 2.

If you were anything like me, you were probably caught up in the box office frenzy of Sex and the City 2 – it was hard to escape, given tabloid news of red carpet premières and snippets of the film on You Tube tantalising us with sneak previews. I have to admit, I did gather a gaggle of girls together and made sure I had tickets for the opening night and I confess to choosing my outfit very carefully… as well as my jewels.

Patricia Field’s exuberant styling and no-holds-barred attention to detail is alone worth the cost of the ticket. She seduces us with a glistening arrangement of sparkling jewels throughout the film. Harem pants replace city couture, whilst bangle stacks, oversize vintage earrings and statement neckwear adorn the stars as they jostle with love, friendship and adventure. I say, dust off those heels and bring on the bling.

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Field captivates our attention in the opening scene with Solange Azagury-Partridge’s ‘Random’ necklace. The statement collier is a mosaic of coloured gems and a perfect accompaniment to Carrie’s white Halston Heritage dress.

Alexis Bittar jewels (another Field favourite) feature prominently throughout the film and when asked about her close working partnership with Bittar, Patricia Field replies “I have been accessorizing the girls with Alexis’ jewellery since the very first episode of season two. I love his modern, clean use of subtle metallics; the way his pieces catch the light has always been what draws me to it. It’s more than just jewellery; each piece is truly a work of art.”

Field’s trend-driven wardrobe would not be complete without a nod to the past. Vintage jewellery adorns Samantha and Miranda on set, whilst SJP has been spotted wearing a diamond heart pendant by New York’s Stephen Russell to various press events and premières of the film. The pendant is suspended from a diamond necklace, circa 1860. In true SJP style, she has layered it up with diamond and pearl necklace strands, as well as other, smaller pendants on gold chains.

Whilst scenes from the market might make us feel slightly uncomfortable, we are left in no doubt that we need to stack our bangles high and layer our neckwear – mixing up modern and vintage jewels and statement chandeliers are ‘where it is at.’

Once again, the media are powerful and do influence what we wear and how we accessorise with jewellery. So whether you are a vintage-lover, 80s disco diva, queen of the desert or ooze red carpet style, jewellery was very much part of Field’s overall creative presentation and we should all benefit from dazzling showcase of jewellery on the silver screen.
* This article also appeared in the July issue of Professional Jeweller under the name Juliet Hatton-Smith. The byline should have read Juliet Hutton-Squire.

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