70-year-old Jacobs the Jewellers has lifted the lid and revealed what business techniques have helped the Reading-based retailer weather the last seven decades of retail.

Third generation owner, Adam Jacobs, says that while there are many things retailers can be doing to ensure their businesses are successful, the ‘holy trinity’ is a core foundation.

Jacobs told Professional Jeweller: “There’s the holy trinity of staff, customer and business. If you can crack those three things then I think you’re doing pretty well.


“It’s never perfect because landscape shifts, people change, customer change, their needs and wants and desires evolve over time and over their life cycle. There’s always new things coming along, like an economic landscape, no two situations are really the same but so as long as you’re keeping an eye on all of those three things to a great extent it’ll probably be okay.”

As well as engaging with these three qualities, Jacobs also believes it is beneficial for a company to get involved with and support its local community.

He explains: “That has been quite important for a lot of customers here because we have been here for so long and we’ve very deep rooted in the community, both in terms of having been here for a while and in terms of the work we do in the community through charity work or committees. It all beds you into the fabric of the town.”

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