Lab-grown diamond company Gentle Diamonds has launched a new campaign to announce the release of its range through UK wholesale partners.

The ‘A new diamond for a new generation’ campaign touts the social and environmental benefits of buying lab-grown.

It also cited a survey suggesting that nearly 70% of customers would now consider lab-grown for an engagement ring – a 13% increase on a study by MVI Marketing in 2017.


Scott Thompson, group co-founder, said: “Following the initial successful soft launch last summer, we have seen first-hand from our own retail and online sales operations that people’s attitudes towards our diamonds are finally changing. We are now looking forward to extending these lines and services to our regional and national wholesale partners.

“After 17 years of involvement in the technology and from my early years investing and working with GEMESIS, one of the earliest diamond growers, we can now see that many consumers are looking for a new diamond brand story, for current times. More and more young diamond consumers are demanding detailed provenance as well as social and environmental credentials in their diamond, from a brand with the mission to create such transparency.

“One of the biggest things we have learned is that our customers’ budget for engagement rings remained the same and they tended to buy a larger keystone.”

As part of the campaign, Gentle Diamonds has also created a short film series called City of Jewels. It has released the first part on YouTube.

The series will follow the brand’s diamond polishers and diamond growers, as well as showing some of the more benevolent aspects of its partnership in India where most of the world’s diamonds are still cut.