Clogau Gold prepares for summer with swallow-inspired collection.

It may be several months until the first swallows signal the start of summer, but Clogau Gold has moved early with a collection that features the migratory bird.

The Wennol collection (wennol is the Welsh word for swallows) features the birds, which are regarded as symbols of love and commitment in the principality.


The swallow is a bird that mates for life and will not nest with another; it symbolises the love and commitment that is regarded as sacred between two loved ones, Clobau reminds jewellers.

The migration of the swallow also reflects the journey that we all face in life’s relationships, whether it be as mother and daughter, husband and wife or simply as best friends – these journeys are extraordinary in every sense of the word and not a moment we should take for granted.

The image of the graceful bird soaring in the sky is captured in a yellow and rose gold pendant, suspended on an 18 inch yellow gold chain.

Each piece of the Wennol collection contains rare Welsh gold, mined from the famous Clogau St. David’s Gold Mine in Snowdonia, North Wales.

Pendant is priced at £365 RRP
Earrings are priced at £129 RRP