SaferGems records rise in violent crimes at stores.

There has been a notable rise in violent crimes against UK retailer jewellers this summer, according to TH March director and SaferGems founder Neil McFarlane.

McFarlane revealed the statistics during a discussion on safety and security at the first UK Jewellery Conference in Birmingham on Tuesday when he took to the stage with fellow panellists BJA chairman and Pressman Mastermelt executive Gary Williams, Andrew Pass of John Pass Jewellers and John Clark of W.E. Clark & Son.

The SaferGems founder also spoke about how the apathy to the security scheme, which works by circulating retailer-supplied information about retail crimes amongst the jewellery community and also sharing that information with the police, is still a problem for the group.


McFarlane said that SaferGems has recorded 515 crimes this year, which he believe is much lower than the true crime figures for the industry. He added that so far this year SaferGems has sent our 121 crime alerts to the industry and has shared 80 reports with the police.

At a recent Serious Crime Symposium, SaferGems was lauded by police as an example of best practice of how industry and policing should work together to beat crime in the wake of police cutbacks.

During the panel discussion retailer Clark called on other jewellery store owners to get involved with the SaferGems scheme. He said: “What we need is a national police force and a very active SaferGems. Get involved and cut crime. It is the only way that we are going to beat them.”