Luxury brand Dephini is a name synonymous with quality craftsmanship, and the company has worked diligently to ensure that customers receive the height of quality in product and customer care.

Dephini already has a large array of jewellery items for sale, including their popular Double Heart Necklace and the White Heart Necklace.

Now Dephini decided to launch their latest piece of specially designed jewellery.


The double heart necklace features a beautiful design with two interwoven hearts encrusted with high-quality cubic zircon crystals.

Dephini’s double heart necklace features 925 sterling silver and an 18” water ripple chain.

Those who are sensitive or allergic to certain materials and metals can rest assured that Dephini’s double heart necklace is a safer choice. The necklace is nickel free, lead-free, cadmium free, and hypoallergenic.

The necklace also features rhodium plating. This inert metal is known to be resistant to corrosion and oxidation, which increases the durability and longevity of the Dephini double heart necklace.

According to the team at DephinI, the idea for the double heart necklace design stemmed from the heart is such a pivotal symbol around the world. “With a single elongated silver heart, it catches the light beautifully as you bend and move, creating a contemporary look, for one of the most celebrated symbols of all time. Heart necklaces are a forever classic and are great for every day, occasion, and bridal wear,” said the Dephini team.

The double heart necklace pendant is backed by a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee, ensuring that customers receive top-notch customer care.

If a customer has a problem with their double heart pendant necklace, they can contact Dephini for a prompt resolution. The Dephini team has set out to release a piece of jewellery with a timeless design, and they believe they have done so with the double heart pendant necklace.

Heart designs are trending due to quality and contemporary design, and the double heart pendant necklace can be worn by anyone seeking to show off a modern flare or simply wear an elegant piece of jewellery.

The double heart pendant necklace offers an elegant design suited for virtually any occasion, both casual and formal. Customers can choose between 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver, offering even more options on the new necklace. Dephini’s double heart necklace is exclusively available on and Amazon.

The company offers 20% off and a free express worldwide shipping, along with the height of customer care from both the Amazon and the Dephini teams.

The team at Dephini is thrilled to release their double heart pendant necklace ahead of the holiday season and looks forward to offering their jewellery as part of the Timeless Fashion 2021 collection. More information can be found at Dephini’s official website.

The Dephini double heart necklace is now available for purchase through the website, eBay & Amazon.