Reimagining your store, safety, stock, and customer strategy is challenging enough when consumer behaviour is stable and predictable. It’s even more difficult when the way we live, eat, and shop is changing so quickly and so radically.

A successful post-lockdown operation will rely on effectively reassuring customers and staff that your store is a safe environment. Jewellers and luxury retailers face a challenge here: how do you comply with new operational restrictions whilst meeting your clientele’s expectations?

Parify’s new PPE solutions are tailored to jewellers who need to keep the aesthetics and luxury appeal of their stores at the highest possible standard. To make reopening easier, we have worked in collaboration with several top industry buying groups and associations to source a full range of solutions for the post-lockdown reopening phase and the ‘new normal’.


The supplier’s SP900 free-standing, touch-free hand sanitising station is designed with a clean, high-end aesthetic tailored to luxury retailers.

The SP900 free-standing, touch-free hand sanitising station.

The LED UVC Steriliser offers up to a 99% object disinfection* rate against a number of known strains of Coronaviridae. Each steriliser operates at a 260-280nm wavelength to destroy the DNA of bacteria and germs quickly. Compact, lightweight and fully portable, the box can accommodate most jewellery and watches.

Parify can also provide high-end face masks.

Parify are also stocking washable high-end luxury facemasks, which provide pm2.5 filter protection while remaining comfortable for employees and appearing approachable to customers. These are now also available as a retail product that jewellers can stock – encouraging customers to return and increasing footfall as customers replenish filters.

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