UK jewellers can now pierce ears with ease thanks to the world’s safest and gentlest ear piercing systems entering the market.

Inverness has signed a UK distribution deal with Goodman Bros (Connoisseurs UK), which will see jewellers begin to offer a safe and easy to use ear piercing service.

Over the past 40 years, more than 200 million people around the world have been pierced with the Inverness Ear Piercing System.


Inverness was established in 1974 with the invention of a safe, quick and sterile system for piercing ears in a retail environment. Until then, most ears were pierced at home with an ice cube and needle or in the doctor’s office with a loud piercing gun.  As an alternative, Inverness engineered a unique, medically-hygienic system that pierces ears in three easy steps.

Piercing has become a growing trend in the UK, with more and more consumers looking to get multiple piercings.

Understanding how offering piercings could bolster business, the Inverness stand was busy throughout the whole of International Jewellery London as jewellers flocked to see the easy-to-use system.

“The Inverness safe and gentle piercing system stole the show,” says Connoisseurs UK director, Philip Goodman. “Jewellers want to get back into the business and Inverness gives jewellers the best platform to do so. Many had negative perceptions until they were shown how safe, sterile, quiet and easy piercing is with Inverness. Now they want to take advantage of the system as they acknowledge the current piercing trend and how it can’t be replicated online.”

The system features fully-encapsulated piercing earrings and an exclusive safety back that offers true peace of mind.

As the needle is enclosed, Inverness offers an option that is safe and silent.

Furthermore, the piecing itself takes approximately three minutes and causes no trauma to the recipient.

Watch here to see how easy it was for UNOde50’s UK sales director, Emma-Louise Gregory, to get her ears pierced with Inverness at IJL:


“This gives jewellers a great advantage,” continues Goodman. “They can offer professional piercing with a brand which has unique benefits, only Inverness piercing earrings are fully encapsulated to prevent exposure to contamination prior to piercing. Our exclusive earring back also promotes safer healing by shielding the sharp piercing tip and preventing the back from being squeezed too tight.

“Piercing has always been a tradition and even hotter now with new styling and trends. With Inverness there is no reason why a jeweller should not capitalise on this opportunity, as you can pierce safely and also pierce cartilage.”

The Connoisseurs team will support retailers throughout the entire process, including set-up, license applications, and professional training.

In fact, the distributor has teamed up with buying groups and training associations to provide free Inverness ear piercing training to prospective customers.

The first training day will be taking place at the NAJ in Birmingham on September 30.

“Training is where we excel,” affirms Goodman. “e demonstrate it’s as easy as 1-2-3. It is really that simple. The Inverness medically hygienic system is safe, gentle and sterile for true peace of mind piercing.

“Once trained the staff are empowered to deliver this service with confidence and professionalism.”