With the strapline ‘superb value diamonds’, family-run Tankel has been supplying the UK jewellery industry with diamonds and diamond jewellery for over 60 years.

During this time the Glasgow-based firm has seen its reputation soar, and is today recognised for securing the best possible prices for clients, without compromising on quality.

Tankel only supply natural diamonds and every stone is tested to ensure that it is natural and provide customers with that extra peace of mind.


“Our ethos is to offer superb value diamonds and genuine value for money,” shares Tankel director, Tony Tankel, with Professional Jeweller.

With a growing client base, Tankel has partnered with some of the UK’s leading independent and national jewellers to deliver the best diamonds at the right prices.

Every customer of Tankel is a house account, meaning there are no extra costs associated with agents or commission for sales representatives, and clients get to deal directly with the family business themselves.

“Relationships are hugely important in the diamond business,” says Tankel. “Several of our clients have been customers of Tankel for three generations. As a company we take pride in this and we genuinely try to help our customers by being flexible, giving advice and sourcing the right diamond at the best possible price.”

“We always strive to offer the best possible service to everyone,” he affirms.

A key strength of the family-run company is its ability to buy well from international markets, keeping Tankel’s cost basis low so that the firm can pass this advantage on to its customers, so that they in turn can compete very effectively.

“We have a growing reputation for being able to provide large diamonds from 2cts–6cts at very low prices and we have become the first telephone call for many UK retailers looking for these diamonds.

“These diamonds are very white in colour – D to F –with small white marks, not black, which are not visible to the naked eye. 2019 saw a continued increase in the sale of these diamonds for Tankel. Most of the public have fixed budgets but they still desire as big a diamond as possible within their budget.”

2019 was a successful year for the company.

The bestselling product last year continued to be the 1ct single stone, which Tankel has been marketing for a number of years.

“We are able to source these stones at very low prices. The UK diamond market still remains very price sensitive so there is an ever increasing demand for this kind of product. For those who need smaller single stones the company offers a similar product from 0.25, 0.33, and 0.50 to 0.75.”

2019 also saw Tankel re-introduce some striking cluster rings and the success of these took the company by surprise.

“We were asked to produce these rings by several customers who wanted to be able to offer traditional rings — in all diamond clusters, but also in emerald, ruby and sapphire.

“Our remit was that the diamonds had to look white and imperfections were not to be visible to the naked eye. The price point had to be kept very low,” explains Tankel.

He continues: “We have been able to source these diamonds and coloured stones well below what we would normally expect to pay for this quality. Because of the current economic climate these rings have sold through very well and it has enabled the traditional jeweller to re-introduce classical rings at very affordable prices.”

Looking ahead to 2020, Tankel will be continuing to strengthen its relationships with clients by inviting both existing and new customers to its head offices in Glasgow to see first-hand the huge selection of diamonds and jewellery on offer.

“These visits work very well for all concerned and also enables our visitors outside of the Glasgow area to see the iconic Argyll Arcade —where many jewellery retailers compete successfully with each other.”

For 2020 Tankel has also sourced natural intense fancy yellow diamonds in small sizes – 0.25 to 0.33 – which, combined with GIA certificated D colour fancy shape white diamonds, will result in some new eye-catching three stone rings.

These pieces are set to stand-out, yet still look very traditional.

As many in the industry know, small fancy shape yellow diamonds are very rare and therefore normally very expensive, but as per its ethos, Tankel has sourced these stones at extremely competitive prices.

Alongside strengthening customer relationships and launching appealing new products, Tankel also plans to build on its social media presence.

In particular, Tankel’s Instagram site continues to thrive and has become an excellent showcase for new products and bestselling designs.

“In a fast changing world we have to be progressive and forward thinking and Instagram allows us to show new diamonds and diamond jewellery almost daily,” Tankel says of the role social media plays in its future.