Which jewellery retailers have impressed suppliers the most over the last 12 months?

All will be revealed at the forthcoming Professional Jeweller Awards, but according to analysis of the voting so far the race remains wide open.

Votes have been flying in for the shortlisted candidates, with the winners of the retail categories exclusively decided by industry suppliers.


The closest-run category at the moment is the Independent Fashion Jewellery Retailer of the Year, which has seen the winner change hands four times already, and with two weeks left to vote, there is still plenty of time for the situation to change again.

Elsewhere, Independent Fine Jewellery Retailer of the Year had a clear winner until this weekend, where the retailer who has been leading for the last three weeks has now been joined on the front line by two other strong contenders.

The result of the multiple retailer categories, meanwhile, are likely to go right down to the wire as suppliers cast their vote for the multi-site jewellers they feel have performed most spectacularly over the past 12 months.