Swag Jewellers has handed over the distribution of CZ jewellery brand Diamonfire to the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ).

The former Diamonfire owners and distributors have transferred all company assets to the new distribution company formed by the CMJ, following a decision by the directors of Swag Jewellers to focus solely on their retail businesses.

The decision has been taken following extensive discussions with Burkhard Muller, Diamonfire’s brand owner, and the CMJ.


SWAG director Edward Ferris comments: “I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all our Diamonfire partners, it has been a real pleasure to do business together and would like to recommend your new distributor for the UK. Although we are no longer the distributor, the Diamonfire brand will continue to feature in our stores.

“Heading up the new distribution is Stephen Reece-Raybould, who has many years of experience in the distribution of jewellery and watches in the UK. He has been working closely with the teams at Swag and Burkhard Muller, the brand owners, to ensure the smoothest possible transition of business.”


This makes Diamonfire the second jewellery brand under the CMJ’s distribution business. In an exclusive interview with Professional Jeweller CMJ chief executive officier Willie Hamilton said he will be very selective about the brands they chose to represent in this arm of the company.

“This is all part of our 2020 vision, which shows how we will transform the CMJ for the benefit of our members and the wider jewellery industry,” comments CMJ chief executive officer Willie Hamilton. “It might be 10 brands, it might be two brands, we don’t know. We are going to be very selective about the brands we choose.”

The CMJ has acquired all of the company’s assets including two Diamonfire UK sales representatives and the domain rights for Diamonfire.co.uk.

The company plans to significantly invest in marketing, PR and digital support for the Diamonfire brand to support all existing and new Diamonfire partners to ensure the brand continues to grow.