London-based jewellery industry start-up, Atelier Technology, has secured an undisclosed investment from a consortium of the world’s leading jewellery firms, led by Swarovski and Chow Tai Fook. 

Atelier Technology is a comprehensive digital solution which reduces sourcing and product development time by up to 80%. As a result, buyers and designers can dedicate more time to the creative process necessary to bring exponentially more products to market, faster than ever before.

Founder and chief executive officer of Atelier Technology, Dominic Hill, explains: “The entire industry will agree that today we need to bring many more styles to market than yesterday, just to reach the same turnover. Simply put, everybody is doing more work and earning less profit. We built Atelier as a solution to this problem: a comprehensive digital platform that connects the supply chain, eliminating unnecessary administration, and empowering the jewellery industry to adapt to the demands of the 21st century consumer.”


Created by jewellers with over 100 years of experience in the trade, Atelier Technology is a cloud-based software tailored exclusively for the jewellery industry.

It is an online space where retailers and suppliers can come together to collaborate and trade by making use of the software’s variety of digital tools, which have been designed to help jewellery businesses evolve faster, with less resources.

The company launched last year, commanding the attention of key players in the industry, and now its set to push forward with its plans thanks to support from Swarovski and Chow Tai Fook.

Markus Langes-Swarovski, member of the Swarovski executive board, shares on the company’s decision to invest in the start-up firm: “We strongly believe entrepreneurs will contribute to shaping the future digital ecosystems of our industry which is why we have chosen to back Atelier Technology in their venture.”

“As a strategic investor in Atelier Technology, we believe the digital supply chain solution helps provide greater visibility of sourcing for jewellery companies and adapts their businesses for the modern economy,” adds  Bobby Liu Chun-Wai, executive director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group.