Swarovski has collaborated with innovative British artist Arran Gregory and acclaimed Japanese digital artist Yoshii Hiroshi to create two new collections.

A modern take on the classic figurines first created by Swarovski in 1976, the company’s latest creative partnerships with Yoshii Hiroshi and Arran Gregory express each designer’s signature techniques using crystal.

Arran Gregory is inspired by mankind’s connection to the natural world and the “mysterious strength of wild animals”. His graphic designs aim to capture the raw spirit of his subjects by reducing their form, favouring clean lines over details such as claws and eyes and inviting the viewer to fill in the gaps themselves.


For his Mirror Nature collection he created three small-scale versions of his signature sculptures: the wolf, the leopard and the bear. As part of the two-year collaboration, Swarovski also developed an exclusive chrome coating, which used in combination with the precision-cut crystal showcases the mirror-effect.

Gregory commented: “Working with Swarovski was inspiring. They put their trust in me as an artist, nurturing my practice without compromising my ideas. Crystal is such a fascinating material, I think because of the way it reacts with light—it draws you in.”

Meanwhile, the star of Yoshii Hiroshi’s collection is a crystal owl. Known for his characters and mascots, this is Hiroshi’s first design created in crystal.

His ‘Hoot the Owl’ range celebrates a variety of positive emotions: ‘Hoot – I’m in Love’ clutches three sparkling hearts in Light Siam coloured stones, ‘Hoot – Let’s Celebrate’ flourishes Fuchsia-colored balloons and ‘Hoot – I’m So Lucky’ clasps a vibrant four leaf clover in Fern Green colored crystal.

Hiroshi commented: “My three-dimensional characters are created through a harmonious combination of beauty, ludicrousness, and humor, so when I learned that Swarovski had a character series, I thought it would be great if I could make something like it. I usually design using opaque surfaces, so crystal was a challenge at first, but I eventually got used to it and I enjoyed it!”